Pick, Pack and Donate

At Global Givers Action Foundation, one of our core mission is to pick factory-rejects, commercial-rejects and residential clothing, furniture, etc., pack and ship to poor people in developing countries one piece of donated item at a time.

We aim to donate all items we remove from factories, residential and commercial jobs, setting the standard globally for Eco-friendly disposal practices, to avoid landfills. We are working towards this goal every day, working with other NGO’s

on the ground in local communities searching for residential, commercial and factory rejects.

We strive to donate as many of your items that we lug away as possible. Not only is this beneficial to your local community, as those in need receive much needed furniture, clothing, and other items, it is also great for the environment because we are keeping useful items out of landfills.

Over the years prior to registering Global Givers Action Foundation we managed to keep huge quantities of junk out of landfills, which is an Eco-friendly solution to disposing off rejects. We attend garage sales, visit affluent neighborhoods and flea markets, pick up couches, furniture, toys, shoes, clothing and so much more, pack them and ship to poor people in developing countries.

We appreciate and respect factories, distribution companies retailers and affluent people who have called us to pick up goods for the poor. Not only are your items going to a great cause, this time with our 501C3, companies who donate to our cause will benefit in the form of tax-deductible receipts! You do not pay us to remove your items, but for your part in choosing an eco-friendly solution to remove rejects, we are happy to offer a tax-deductible receipt. The tax-deductible receipt can sometimes off-set cost of delivery and services depending on the items we can donate on your behalf!